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Voice over: Hey, let's talk about putting happy into helping. Music plays and video opens with image of girl and a dog [On-screen Text] Putting happy into helping

Voice over: It happens when you offer the Wells Fargo Health Advantage Program. Videos of dogs and cats at play [On-screen Text] Happy tails

Voice over: Because it doesn't cost your clinic an arm and a leg, your budget will be happy. Images of dogs, cats and happy pet owners [On-screen Text] Happy budget

Voice over: And when your clients have more than one payment option, well they'll be happy too. Images of dogs interacting with vets [On-screen Text] Happy payment options

Voice over: Giving clients a longer repayment period is what Julie likes. [On-screen Text] "Being able to offer 12-month financing makes all the difference to our clients." Julie Kelso, Operations Manager of Iowa Veterinary Specialties

Voice over: Dedicated relationship managers are available to help your staff find answers to financing questions. Images of dog and patriot interacting with vets [On-screen Text] Happy staff

Voice over: And because approved clients can tap into credit limits for emergencies, they'll have more reason to be happy. Images of happy pets and pet owners [On-screen Text] Happy credit limits

Voice over: Offering payment options that are a good value for her clients and clinic is what Janice likes. [On-screen Text] "With Wells Fargo, we can offer longer term financing at less cost to our clinic." Janice Jiuditta, Account Liaison of Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab

Voice over: Most of all, when you're free to focus on your patients, not billing, well you'll be happy too. Images of happy dogs, cats, their owners and their vets [On-screen Text] Happy veterinarians

Voice over: The program's fast credit decisions, are what Joan likes. [On-screen Text] Competitive discount rates and fast credit decisions are the program's biggest benefits." Joan Fischer, Hospital Administrator of NorthStar VETS

Voice over: And when you, your staff, and clients are happy, you have one very happy business. Images of happy dogs, cats, their owners and their vets [On-screen Text] Happy business

Voice over: Hey, good talk. To put happy into practice today, call 1-800-577-5221 or visit Wells Fargo logo [On-screen Text] Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card Program