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Voice over: Okay, let's talk about putting happy into practice. Music plays and video opens with a smiling father and daughter [On-screen Text] Putting happy into practice

Voice over: It happens when you offer Wells Fargo Health Advantage Program. Short video and images of smiling children, teens and adults [On-screen Text] Happy smiles

Voice over: Because it doesn't cost your practice an arm and a leg, your budget will be happy. Images of people smiling [On-screen Text] Happy budget

Voice over: And when your patients have more than one payment option, they'll be happy too. Image of a father and daughter smiling and a toy smiley face [On-screen Text] Happy payment options

Voice over: Giving patients the choice of short or long term financing is what Stephanie likes. [On-screen Text] "For example, with 12 or 24 months to repay, patients can choose financing that works for them." Stephanie Potts, Office Manager of Grimes Dentistry

Voice over: Dedicated relationship managers are available to help your staff find answers to financing questions. Images of dental hygienists [On-screen Text] Happy staff

Voice over: And because approved patients can tap into credit limits to cover emergencies, they'll have more reason to be happy. Images of happy smiling children [On-screen Text] Happy credit limit

Voice over: Offering competitive rate financing is what Harold likes. [On-screen Text] "Health Advantage provides the competitive financing options that my patients are asking for." Harold Brueggen, President of Brueggen Dental Implant Center

Voice over: Most of all, when you're free to focus on your patients, not billing, you'll be happy too. Images of smiling people and children mixed with images of dental hygienists [On-screen Text] Happy dentists

Voice over: Offering financing to patients who don't have a backup plan is what Nate likes. [On-screen Text] "Health Advantage offers many options so that patients aren't limited by the cash they have on hand." Nate De Leu Finance Manager of Afdent Dental

Voice over: And when you, your staff, and patients are happy, then you have one very happy business. Images of smiling people and children mixed with images of dental hygienists [On-screen Text] Happy business

Voice over: Good talk. To put happy into practice today, call 1-800-577-5221 or visit Wells Fargo logo [On-screen Text] Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card Program